Monday, 10 September 2012


Hey guys, so this is my first blog. I dunno much to write here so I guess let's get the pics speak for themselves.

When I make art,I often don't think too much or dig too deep into the subject to find a meaning out of it. The brushstrokes, the shapes, ongoing events, time and my emotions speak to me of different interpretations of my art: drawing from the unconscious mind, portraying the ambiguous thoughts. Since I'm terrible with talking about my own stuff, everyone is encouraged to form their own opinions on what you see and your comments would be much appreciated to be shared. Dare I say it, my art is provocative, often cynical, socially challenging, ambiguous with a sense of fun and experiment. I'm not afraid to talk about most of 'touchy' subjects- questioning and fighting against sociocultural barriers is too much fun to back off. 

Here are a few key themes of my first project: "The Human Bonsai":
PAIN (and how we share it with each other)

You Me Growing Old 4eva, and no-one will tear us apart.

I used to be a normal tomato tree. Now they make me into a dysfunctional human bonsai. 

The Human Bonsai-2 shoes. We hear everything from the winds.

I find my works closely related to ones of Ricardo Lanzarini -a South American artist who draws on the wall and into little tiny space( such as cigarette papers). His work is figurative yet symbolical and when you look closely at it a pattern will form. Go check out  Ricardo's tiny little worknow!

His ink drawing. Cute as heyyy

© Ricardo Lanzarini
Here's another one...nawww

The abstract landscape of mushroom blending in with the crowd creating a lot of confusing patterns

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