Monday, 5 November 2012

            The Cafe Conversation #1 LONG BLACK

I remember back in summer 2010 when I first had the idea of drawing onto coffee cups to capture the essence of everyday life. I was enjoying a puff at this beautiful little cafe in Dulwich Hill (I was bludging school actually, tsk tsk). As I looked down to the white coffee cup in my hand, there appeared the potential of a white, pure canvas in the humble object itself. I started doodling and went to research the type of pens that would work and won't smudge onto the cups. Ever since the new hobby is found, I spend much more of my junk food money on lattes and cappuccinos than ever, just to collect the cups. The idea is that everytime I drink a cuppa coffee I will create a story from that cup with any event that's happening around or anything that inpires me.

Anyway just a funny story to tell everyone: I showed this idea to my art teacher and asked him what I could do to improvise on it. He told me to put sparkly glitters on them. So yeah, that's why I dropped out of art in year 12... haha

Long Black is the name of the cafe where I invented this idea. It situates in a little corner of Dulwich Hill; it is that very well-kept secret food pot where all the locals go to. They have the best, seriously, the best organic coffee ever and the staff are so friendly. I used to hang out here while having a lession off and had so many interesting conversations with all the good people in the world. As a regular customer, I did the sculptures as a way of saying "I love youu Long Black!". I like the simple graphic and rustic look on the cups since an overly elaborate one just doesn't feel very right to me. All I want to capture is the charming decor, the everyday feel of this cafe in black & white and the lovely people with their unique personalities. The work was shown on top of their cake shelf for awhile.

This is Stefan, the barista.

Yes they love pets. And students who don't go to class sneak out to chill here in the courtyard. 
Cough cough

Long Black's decor and menu

Jenny, one the 3 sisters who own Long Black. Such a sweet woman she is

Jenny socialising with her regular customers,mostly mothers and the local families.

Their commitment to organic food is something I really adore.

Yes their food is delicious!

This is Mary. When you walk into the cafe, she's the person that makes you go "Yep,that's the boss!' I love her powerful energy sometimes since she won't take any bullshit.

She sure does love her smokes!

This is Nancy.She bakes the most amazing cakes ever!

"Our food is made with 100% luv, please be patient"
I just think that is so right and it's the way food should be.

Nancy's yummo cakes


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